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Quality in function and detail

Made in Germany

Everything that is produced at our factory in Ehrenfriedersdorf (Germany) and offered to you, are specialised items, which we have mastered. They are of exceptional quality, reflecting the latest state of the art and practical experience, and are built for practical use. Funeralia is the only German manufacturer that makes its own products. Our company is DIN and ISO 9001:2015 certified and ‘Made in Germany‘.

Quality in function and detail…

Our supply programme is market-based, progressive, flexible and custom-made. Our products help you to work in an efficient, problem-free way while saving time. They are long-lasting, technically advanced and designed for daily use. You can also rely on us to be your partner for special designs made from steel and stainless steel!

Custom work in stainless steel – e.g. for dissection and preparation tables

  • Table designs with rounded edges
  • Removable dissecting units
  • Suction tub with flushing ring
  • Suction tub with removable roller track
  • Optimal, low-noise air supply

Optimal Service

No worries about the future! While we take every care to ensure that our products last a long time and remain reliable when they are made and when you buy them, faults or malfunctions can occur. We are also your reliable partner in such situations. A call (+49 (0) 37341 / 48 66 0) or e-mail () is all you need